Hauliers and transport buyers are increasingly moving towards refrigerated liquefied gas as a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to diesel.

In order to meet those demands, the new Volvo FH and Volvo FM trucks will have engines that run on liquefied natural gas and biogas, which offer the same high performance as diesel engines.

The EU Green Deal clearly indicates the direction the transport industry needs to take towards a cleaner future, which means that there must be an end date for fossil fuels. As a result, Volvo Trucks has seen a significant shift towards gas-powered vehicles.

“Today, LNG-fuelled trucks are the most commercially viable alternative to ordinary diesel for heavy long-haul operations. This fuel is available in sufficiently large quantities and at a competitive price. Using more gas trucks creates favourable conditions for making a transition to a larger share of liquefied biogas over time,” says Lars MÃ¥rtensson, Director of Environment and Innovation at Volvo Trucks.