Volvo Trucks has now sold more than 4,300 electric trucks globally in more than 38
countries, while in Europe it is leading the way with a 32 per cent share of the market for
heavy electric trucks. In 2022, Europe’s heavy electric truck market grew by 200 per
cent to 1,041 units, with Volvo setting the pace.

Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks, says: “We are determined to lead the electric truck
transformation and our market leading position in 2022, not only in Europe, but also in North
America, is proof that we are doing just that.

“Although the market for electric trucks is still small compared to the traditional diesel
variants, the trend is clear: many of our customers are now starting their own shift to electric.
We intend to be the catalyst for this transition and aim for 50 per cent of our global sales of
new trucks to be electric in 2030.”

Since Volvo Trucks started production of fully electric trucks in 2019, the company has sold
more than 4,300 electric trucks in more than 38 countries around the world. Volvo currently
offers the industry’s broadest product line-up of electric trucks in series production, catering
to a very wide variety of operational domains both in and between cities.

“We now have a product portfolio that can cover most types of transportation for all kinds of
customers,” adds Alm.

“Looking at the goods flow patterns in Europe, it’s clearly possible to electrify nearly half of
all those transport operations with our line-up of electric trucks. We see it as our mission to
support our customers in making that happen.”

The 10 largest markets for electric trucks, based on number of registrations ≥16 tonnes,
in Europe are:

1. Germany – 198

2. Sweden – 169

3. Norway – 150

4. France – 118

5. Switzerland – 103

6. UK – 101

7. Netherlands – 89

8. Spain – 79

9. Denmark – 48

10. Belgium – 17