To coincide with European Hydrogen Week, Cummins Inc. announced new research revealing that over half of UK commuters (51%) would be willing to travel to work on a train or bus powered by hydrogen to lower their carbon footprint and reduce emissions. This new data was obtained through a survey of 6,000 respondents in Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom (2,000 in each market) in October 2020.

Positive attitudes towards clean tech alternatives for public transportOver a third of consumers in the UK (41%) would pay £1more for their daily commute in order to lower their carbon footprint. In addition, around one in four commuters in the UK (28%) would pay £15 more for their monthly commute in order to reduce emissions. Looking ahead, 48% of British citizens believe that low-carbon technologies are important for the UK’s economic recovery from COVID-19.

UK consumers sceptical of mainstream adoption
More than half (52%) of consumers in Europe would consider buying or renting a car powered by hydrogen fuel if it were priced similarly to a diesel-powered car. The motivation behind this for drivers in the UK (30%) would be to achieve zero emissions.

Yet a quarter of respondents in the UK (25%) are concerned with the upfront cost of buying or renting a car powered by hydrogen fuel. 17% of British consumers are deterred by the limited amount of hydrogen refuellers available.

As a result, there is scepticism around when clean passenger cars will move into the mainstream. In fact, one in five (20%) UK citizens believe that it will take 20-30 years for there will be more cars powered by hydrogen fuel on the road than ‘normal’ cars, and 23% believe this will never happen.

“It is encouraging to see the citizens across Europe are prioritizing the climate and understand that investment in hydrogen technologies is a path to improve the environment and fuel economic recovery from the impact of COVID-19,” said Amy Adams, Vice President of Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technologies at Cummins. “With both the EU and the UK pledging to be carbon-neutral by 2050, there is, in short, real appetite from policymakers and citizens to make a collective difference. Hydrogen is a key part of Cummins’ portfolio of solutions to help our customers succeed and as a path toward zero emissions.”