TruTac is giving UK van operators an early heads up about legislation in May that will affect those with LCVs above 2.5 tonnes (or towing trailers with a combined weight over 2.5 tonnes) travelling across international borders that are engaged in hire and reward.

From 21 May 2022, companies using vans or other light goods vehicles weighing between 2.5 and 3.5 tonnes for hire and reward will require a Goods Vehicle Operator’s Licence to drive in the European Union. This includes crossing from N. Ireland into the Republic of Ireland. The move is part of the UK/EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

One of the many conditions of the licence is the appointment of a dedicated transport manager, with a valid Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence (TM CPC) qualification. The UK Government has said some operators may be able to obtain a temporary exemption from the TM CPC requirement if they have “appropriate experience of managing light goods vehicles in the form of temporary transport manager status.”

Another condition is for the company to demonstrate financial standing to run the business with a minimum of £1,600 available for the first vehicle and an extra £800 per additional vehicle. As with HGV operators, assets must also be kept safe and in good condition. All safety inspection and maintenance records undertaken must also be retained for a minimum of 15 months.

TruTac believes operators should be prepared for the new regulations, regardless of their status.

“This piece of legislation comes at a particularly testing time for transport operators – irrespective of the size or weight of their vehicles – and it’s the type of thing that could easily be misunderstood or overlooked completely.” Says TruTac Managing Director, Jemma James.

“Those with vehicles under 3.5 tonnes will be used to a fairly straightforward approach to driver and vehicle compliance, but these new rules introduce an extra layer of complexity, especially for anyone with vans just over the 2.5 tonne mark or for those who tow trailers or semi-trailers. We want to help operators prepare for it, to ensure they are fully compliant and that their businesses are unimpeded.”

TruTac’s range of software for the transport industry is designed with compliance at its core and is just as applicable to van operators as to those with heavier vehicles. Its TruControl fleet management portal comprises a suite of software applications for simple all-round compliance management. The web-based portal includes modular products to keep control of all compliance areas in one place such as TruView, which illustrates key performance data via clear graphics and TruChecks, a configurable app for daily walkaround vehicle checks with full back-office reporting. TruFleet, intelligent fleet management software delivers real-time vehicle planning and maintenance control while TruLicence supports driving licence validation and verification with alerts and reporting.

Jemma rounds up by highlighting: “The Operators whose vehicles fall in scope under these changes will also from 1 July 2026, require the use of tachographs and recording of driving and working time in compliance with the EU drivers’ hours rules. Get prepared now, we are here and happy to help, even if it’s just a chat over coffee to discuss how your business may be affected.”

To learn more about TruTac products and how they can improve compliance and save time, contact TruTac on 024 7669 0000 or email