TruTac, along with its parent company Microlise, has released a series of new features across various products, enabling simultaneous product access and smooth data integration.

Customers can now view Microlise’s tracking system within TruTac’s TruControl tachograph analysis and reporting software. Following a major new release and product update, users can see their vehicles’ location and associated information within the platform, giving them an instant overview of all their fleet’s data in one single place.

Tracking and location information can be viewed on three different pages of the TruControl system:  the Charts page, which displays the vehicle’s job status, incl’ Rest, POA, or Other Work; the Vehicle Maintenance Calendar page, and the Unknown Drivers page, which shows vehicle movements.

For joint customers of Microlise and TruTac, the integrated system features are simple to switch on, and there are no additional charges. To take advantage of the new features, joint system users simply need to contact the TruTac support team who will enable the update and provide training on the new functions.

TruTac was acquired by Microlise and the two companies have been working successfully together since 2020, as TruTac Managing Director, Jemma James, explains.

“We have gone from strength to strength since joining the Microlise Group, so it stands to reason we should offer greater product integration where there is a natural fit to share data and improve the customer experience. It makes absolute sense to merge tracking functions with TruControl because they complement one another. Both are used for analysis, reporting, and compliance.”

Jemma comments that life is easier for fleet managers when they can see and access multiple functions in one single place and have key data at their fingertips.

“They don’t have to keep dipping in and out of different software, and the more we can refine the data we present them, the more instantaneous their decisions become.”

TruTac’s one stop shop for compliance, TruControl, is the perfect compliment to Microlise’s Fleet Vehicle Tracking, with real time visibility, asset security and geo security. Data integration between the two systems reduces admin time, streamlines fleet and driver visibility and enables faster decision making.

TruControl is TruTac’s all-in-one fleet compliance and analysis system for HGV, PSV, and LCV operators of all sizes. It comprises 10 modules, including among others TruAnalysis, the full tachograph management system, TruFleet for improved maintenance planning and TruChecks for easier daily vehicle inspections.

Speaking on the new product integrations, Nadeem Raza, Microlise’s CEO, said:

“As part of the ongoing integration between Microlise and TruTac’s products, we are excited to announce the release of new features that complement our comprehensive end-to-end solution.

“Providing greater value for our customers, the smooth data integration and simultaneous product access enables transport operators to view our tracking system within TruTac’s TruControl software, providing quick access to key data and saving valuable time on administrative tasks.

“We are committed to the development of our product portfolio and will continue to enhance our end-to-end software solution over the coming months, to provide even more benefits for our customer base.”

According to TruTac, over 5700 operators use its software products and over 160,000 drivers are active on the company’s system.

To learn more about TruTac products and how they can improve compliance and save time, contact TruTac on 024 7669 0000 or email