North West-based Thermal Road Repairs (TRR) has won a contract from One Trafford Partnership to upgrade several roads in Trafford before the end of March, following the Council’s recent announcement of an additional £2m investment.  A further £14.4m has also been agreed for the coming years.

TRR will assist One Trafford, a working partnership between Amey and Trafford Council, to eradicate potholes across the borough, creating safer and more sustainable roads.

TRR has developed cutting-edge technology that allows for the controlled heating of asphalt.  The cost effective, environmentally-friendly process has two applications.  Firstly, the ability to seamlessly lay new asphalt pavements; a process that has been used on eight major UK and European airport runway contracts in the last 12 months. Secondly, the ability to deliver fast, efficient, quality asphalt repairs.

It is the repair application that One Trafford selected for its roads.

Co-founder and director at TRR, Aidan Conway, says: “We are very pleased to be working with One Trafford, repairing and improving the roads in Trafford. Using our equipment, One Trafford can maximise sustainability in reinstatement repairs, reduce environmental impact and benefit from measurable cost savings, all of which aligns with One Trafford’s vision for its roads.”

Executive Councillor for Highways, Parks and Environmental Services, Cllr Brian Shaw said “We are pleased to be working with TRR to provide some of the best treatments available in the industry to the roads here in Trafford. In Trafford, there is 834 kilometres of road, and 1196 kilometres of footpaths and cycleways, so it is highly important that we ensure the best techniques are being used to protect the borough’s most valuable asset. The network is vital to our residents, businesses and economic wellbeing, therefore we are committed to keeping you moving through Trafford. ”

Traditional methods of pothole repair can have a negative environmental impact but TRR’s process produces zero waste by recycling and rejuvenating the existing surface whilst adding only a small amount of additional bituminous materials.  Noise and air pollution is also reduced as there is less vehicle movement, no saw cutting, no hydraulic breakers and no milling or surface planning.

For further information on TRR, please call 01204 576000 or visit