East Harbour Group Ltd, an Essex-based chemicals distributor, is highlighting the importance of second-source suppliers as a means of supply chain security in the chemical industry, by shining
a spotlight on the advantages it provides.

As a leading provider of chemical raw materials, East Harbour Group Limited wants to showcase the value of second-source suppliers as a resource that should help avoid interrupted supply chains.
The raw materials that East Harbour Group Limited provides to industry, can act as active ingredients in anything from toothpaste to fertilizer. This is in addition to the materials provided to
the agricultural, horticultural, Biomass, dye stuffs, food, and many other manufacturing sectors.

Most manufacturing processes are predicated on supplies of strategic raw materials from manufacturers that offer an acceptable quality for a competitive price. However, being dependent on an individual source for raw materials confers significant risk and can stop production if the supplier experiences manufacturing/supply problems.

Taking a proactive approach to preventing stock outages is recommended and that’s where incorporating a second-source supplier, as a backup, becomes crucial. What’s more, appointing
second and third source suppliers for all strategic raw materials creates greater competition, thereby allowing manufacturers to bench-mark prices.

Speaking on the importance of multiple-source suppliers and their role in the industry, Darrell Howard, Managing Director at East Harbour Group, said:
“At East Harbour Group, we believe in the value of having a diverse supplier network. We also believe that identifying second-source suppliers is essential to creating resilience in supply chains, thereby aiding the continued success of our customers”.