The SUMOGlove fork impact reduction system is ‘gloves’ that are fitted to the tips of the forks of forklift trucks. Made from a polyurethane material that absorbs and spreads a tremendous amount of energy, the SUMOGlove provides unique protection to products, racking, fixtures, vehicles, pallets, bags, sacks … and people. To provide independent verification that the SumoGlove product makes a dramatic reduction to damage caused by forklift truck tines, two reports were commissioned at the Virginia Tech Centre for Packaging and Unit Load Design, a world leading evaluation centre and are experts in primary packaging, advanced packaging materials, pallets and distribution packaging, supply chain optimization, lean manufacturing, and process improvement. Their diverse expertise and 40+ years of knowledge generated through state-of-the-art research and real-life industrial consulting allows them to help companies create safer, more sustainable, and cheaper packages, unit loads and transportation systems. Please go to our website to read the full reports from Virginia Tech which clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of the SUMOGlove, as well as videos and further information.

Both reports compare forks with and without the SumoGlove fitted. The first report looks at damage caused to pallets of wooden and plastic construction. The tests showed that the pallets were undamaged when the SumoGlove was fitted.

The results of the tests involving the pallets showed that even though the wooden pallets were impacted 13 times harder, the pallets never experienced any structural damage and similar applies to the plastic pallets even after 7 times harder impacts with the SumoGloves fitted.

The second report examined the effect of damage caused to bulk containers when impacted with forks fitted with SumoGloves and without.

Both the 1210 Eurobin and the ISO Bins can survive more than 4 times more impact without any structural damage when the SumoGloves are fitted.

Using the SUMOGlove results in significantly reduced damage to anything the forks may come into contact with. They are made in highly visible bright yellow. This feature alone is a great advance in safety as staff can clearly see the tips of the forks.

There is no other product in the world that is designed specifically to protect against impact damage caused by fork tips.

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Roger Rustom FIIRSM – Team Leader – UK North – (North Wales, North of England & Scotland)