The launch of freight people, a forum for people in transport was launched today in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. Freight people brought together nearly 50 people to discuss the challenges facing Companies who work in the transport industry daily.

Bradford Company, Freight Train organised the event spotting the need in the transport industry to discuss hot topics, share best practice, offer support, and to create a network in the industry.

Lesley O’Brien, partner at transport consultancy, Freight Train, and haulier, Freightlink Europe, explained, “The event was a brilliant success. Not only was there a positive and supportive vibe in the room, people got key takeaways, and were getting referrals for business.”

Laura Hadzik from award winning solicitors Backhouse Jones led with a presentation about ‘Bridge Strikes’. A Bridge Strike is when a bus or lorry hits a bridge when they try to drive under it. There are on average 5 Bridge Strikes every day in the UK, rising to an average of 14 per day in October. When a vehicle hits a bridge, not only is it dangerous but if it hits a Network Rail bridge can cause train delays, derailments and the costs can run into millions of pounds. It is now standard practice for Network Rail to advise Traffic Commissioners and Companies can face Public Inquiry putting the Company’s livelihood at risk.

The next event on 18th February will cover vehicle crime and details can be found by searching for freight people on