The UK’s largest providers of lorry tension curtains, Structure-flex, have seen their busiest spring on record thanks to increased demand for their industry-leading products.

Sales rose significantly compared to the same period in spring 2019, prior to the pandemic. The increase is believed to be a result of last month’s re-opening of both the retail and hospitality sectors after the UK’s most recent lockdown.

Paul Reeve, Managing Director of Structure-flex says, “This spring we have seen a huge demand for our lorry tension curtains. Now that the UK is opening back up, businesses are gaining confidence about the months ahead and are looking to once again have their fleets looking great.”

Structure-flex have recently reduced lead times for businesses by ordering and stocking a much greater quantity of materials for manufacturing their lorry tension curtains. The investment has proven wise thanks to the significant increase in demand.

Reeve continues, “Our team have been working incredibly hard in recent months to provide quick lead times. We predicted demand for lorry curtains would be high this year and, anticipating potential challenges due to the pandemic, Brexit and global pressures on raw materials, we committed to more frequent shipments and continually holding an unprecedented high level of stock.”

From Structure-flex’s 50,000 square feet facility, their operations in North Norfolk are one of the largest and most capable in the UK. The company is known for their industry-leading manufacturing and creative vibrant printing of lorry tension curtains.

Paul Reeve concludes, “We’re thrilled our customers have been able to move forward from the disruption of the pandemic and invest in their fleets. Our customers know we have the best supply in the market, with a massive and frequently replenished stock of over 60 colours and shades of tension curtain material.”

Structure-flex use industry-leading Sioen B6000 fabric and have made major investments in the latest printing technology to ensure colours remain vibrant for longer. Structure-flex can also ensure a near exact colour match between graphics and tension curtains, ensuring complete brand continuity for their customers.

Established over 50 years ago, Structure-flex is a family-owned business which specialises in manufacturing products from flexible plastics using high-frequency welding. As well as being the UK’s leading suppliers for lorry tension curtains, they provide a range of products including crane test bags and water-filled flood defence barriers.

For more information on Structure-flex and their large stock of lorry tension curtains contact 01263 863 100.