Chard-based transport and logistics company, C&D South West recently invested over £20,000 in electric pump trucks to ensure the comfort and safety of their drivers into the future.
It is no secret that over the past two years the nation has increasingly relied on the logistics sector to deliver, literally. Along with a national shortage of drivers, it’s been a tough ride to ensure that both customers and employees have been wholly satisfied, but C&D has been committed to doing all they can With these factors in mind, C&D considered the ways in which they can improve efficiency in their delivery, but also the happiness of their employees too.

The decision to purchase the electric pumps was made to ensure that drivers felt safe and comfortable doing their role, specifically handling palletised tail lift and residential deliveries. Supplied by SHS Handling, the electric pump trucks ensure the transport of loads swiftly and easily, are high speed, are able to be charged quickly and can be used in the narrowest of spaces. With the versatility to work in various environments, the addition will guarantee to also increase productivity amongst the team.

Being able to increase productivity whilst decreasing manual labour is a clear win-win for Lorna Hammond, Managing Director at C&D, who said
“The addition of the electric pump trucks helps support all of our goals as a business. Not only are we ensuring the safety and happiness of our team, but giving them the recourse to do their job to the best of their ability increases customer satisfaction as we save time and reduce the chances of making mistakes.”

“The heart of our organisation is people – employees and customers, and anything that ensures we provide a better experience for them we are willing to consider implementing.”
Looking forward to the benefit the electric pump trucks will have on the team, for all enquiries please contact the C&D South West team at