The introduction of the EU Mobility Package earlier this year has come with significant ramifications for the haulage industry across the UK and mainland Europe.

While the intention of the measures is to improve driver welfare, many have labelled it protectionist and discriminatory. But can an initiative designed to improve the health and wellbeing of drivers pose such a threat? And if so, what does this mean for the wider haulage industry?

A new survey by SNAP surveyed Eastern European drivers to investigate the impact of these new regulations and reveal the opinions of those who will be most affected – the drivers themselves.

Key findings include:

  • Two thirds (66.5%) of drivers in Eastern Europe are concerned over the impact of the Mobility Package on their job security.
  • 77% of drivers feel the new Mobility Package regulations are likely to increase congestion at ports and borders.
  • Whilst 45.7% of drivers would prefer to stay in accommodation rather than sleep in their cabs – almost three quarters (72.9%) are concerned about the quality of available accommodation, and 88% are concerned about being left out of pocket by hauliers.

A standout among the responses was the staggering 86.6% of drivers who believe that the new measures will cause cargo crime to increase due to an increase in unattended vehicles.

“Looking at the results of the Mobility Package survey, it is clear a large number of drivers are concerned about the increased risk of cargo crime as a consequence of being required to leave the vehicle unattended overnight.” Says SNAP Managing Director, Mark Garner.

“Continuing to increase the availability of secure parking options across Europe is key to addressing the concerns of drivers, and is something that SNAP will continue working hard to raise awareness of and address.”

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