Tusker’s salary sacrifice scheme is helping Scottish Water employees obtain an affordable path into a new EV.

The global environmental message is clear with businesses around the globe striving to reduce emissions in line with government targets. Back in 2019, Scotland became one of the first nations to announce a climate emergency, something that sparked a plan to hit net zero by 2045. Utility supplier Scottish Water PLC has joined forces with Tusker to help its employees shrink their carbon footprint.

Scottish Water already began tackling employee emissions by ensuring management vehicles and those doing over 9,000-miles a year were driving EVs. The next step was to offer a similar option to all of its employees.

Employees can drive fully insured and maintained electric cars for a fixed monthly cost that’s deducted from their salary. This approach means more Scottish Water employees can get into a new EV and can make this transition, something that’s good news for their wallets and the environment. Further savings for EV drivers are to be found with lower running costs than a petrol or diesel car.

A sharp uptake in electric car sales and Tusker’s own research highlights that motorists are enthusiastic about a switch to EVs, however, one of the biggest hurdles was revealed to be the purchase price. Currently, electric cars are notably more costly than a traditional combustion equivalent, but Tusker’s salary sacrifice scheme opens the door to affordable EV motoring.

Over 800 Scottish Water employees have signed up for Tusker’s salary sacrifice scheme with many enjoying the easy-to-use online portal and the support provided when they have a question. Being a publicly owned company, it was important that Tusker met Scottish Water’s requirements, something that was made easier by Tusker’s highly informed team answering any questions quickly and thoroughly.

A wide range of the latest electric models are available through Tusker, with vehicles to suit every need. From compact city cars to family SUVs capable of traveling long distances between charges, all the leading manufacturers can be selected via Tusker’s salary sacrifice scheme. Tusker is also keen to help those transitioning from combustion to electric with helpful tools such as an online charging point locator and a journey cost calculator.

With the help of Tusker, Scottish Water is on track to meet its net zero goals by giving all employees the opportunity to drive a brand-new electric car.