The 2017 RTEC, Renault Trucks’ aftersales challenge, has just begun. 5,285 participants from 49 countries will compete in theoretical tests until April. Then in May 2017, the best teams will face off during practical challenges at the International Grand Finale in Lyon. This competition is designed to develop the aftersales skills of Renault Trucks’ distribution network and highlight their expertise.

RTEC 2017 (Road to Excellence Championship), the second edition of Renault Trucks’ aftersales challenge for its international distribution and repair network, has just begun. 5,285 competitors, forming 1,421 teams from 49 countries, have registered to compete for the title of “Renault Trucks’ Best Aftersales Team”.

The RTEC is designed to highlight the expertise of the Renault Trucks network by having the best aftersales professionals in the world compete against each other. But beyond the team competitions and their results, this challenge is an opportunity for participants to strengthen their team spirit, compare experiences from one country to another, share their expertise, and develop their skills in order to offer Renault Trucks clients the best possible service.

“The RTEC challenge showcases the quality and technical expertise of Renault Trucks teams around the world. And this second edition is already proving to be exceptional, with 2.5 times more participants than last year,” says Gilles Clément, Aftermarket Senior Vice-President at Renault Trucks.

The competition is broken down into three parts: 2 theoretical sections and then a final practical challenge working directly with the vehicles. Teams from the Renault Trucks network will first need to answer two series of 35 questions designed to test and develop their technical skills, knowledge of Renault Trucks tools and procedures, as well as customer relations management. At the end of these theoretical challenges, the top 24 teams will be invited to Lyon, home of Renault Trucks, to participate in the international grand finale in May 2017. Participants will take part in a practical test, under real-world conditions, in the manufacturer’s training workshop.