The RHA has announced a number of targets it will work on to tackle the industry’s key issues.

They’re focusing resources into newly defined priority areas to most effectively support their members and the wider sector.

These are their priority areas:

Driver Facilities
Costs and Regulation

They have set a number of policy goals to chart their progess in their priority areas.

For example, under the Facilities priority they aim to secure planning rules reform to make it easier for developers to build new truck stops; they also aim under Costs and Regulation to persuade ministers to announce and fuel duty rebate for commercial vehicles such as HGVs and coaches.

Richard Smith, RHA Managing Director, said:

“Our aim is to be a powerful voice for this sector with a vision to be the go-to organisation for driving business on our roads across trucks, coaches and vans.

“We focus on delivering change for our members to support their growth and sustainability, and advance their interests. Our membership is critical to the day-to-day lives of us all, delivering products, services and people.


“Our industry is facing many challenges – it’s crucial more than ever that necessary policy measures are taken to ensure the future of the UK road haulage and coach industries.

“We’re working nationally, regionally, and locally across the four nations of the UK to ensure we’re bringing relevance and value to the membership of the RHA. This is why we have set relevant priorities with challenging targets to support the industry and the economy.”