Today, international freight marketing solutions company, Freight Media, has launched their long-awaited disruptive tool: Freightabase. This online comparison tool is set to connect thousands of industry stakeholders across the globe with the optimum carrier services for their needs.
The launch comes in the wake of Sean Van Dort, Chairman of the Global Shippers Forum, reiterating the urgent need for digitalisation across the industry. In an interview for FORWARDER magazine, Van Dort said, “It’s all about speed, and speed is an innovation taking over the freight forwarding world.”
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Sarah O’Connell 
Freight Media 
sarah@forwardermagazine.comFreightabase is an online platform for comparing freight carriers, designed so that any freight forwarder, exporter or importer can use it. This digital tool goes far beyond price, allowing its users to find carriers who meet specific criteria of interest such as location, mode of transport and consignment specialisms such as dangerous or perishable goods via its keyword search function.
Freight Media’s Managing Director, Craig Headford, said, “This project has been
years in the making, and is going to completely revolutionise the freight industry.
“All of the companies who are included in this database are going to see massive 
benefits through client acquisition and significant ROI – this is the most
 innovative tool in the industry right now, and is going to level the playing field for logistics companies worldwide.”
Containing an estimated 200 companies from 35 countries and growing, this global-scale database is set to be in huge demand, reducing hours or days of negotiation down to just a few clicks.
Freightabase’s platform is free to use, making it accessible to companies large and small, and giving registered companies the maximum opportunity for direct lead generation.
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