The demand for Truckstops, the smart vehicle routing and scheduling optimisation software which has helped companies including HelloFresh, Eddie Stobart and Reynolds to cut their annual fuel bills by up to 40%, has boomed in the last 12 months.

New figures released by London-based company Mapmechanics, which owns Truckstops, reveals turnover increased by 15% last year to £3.5m. They also show that Truckstops has saved companies an estimated £52m in fuel bills since 2011. Over the same period, Co2 emissions have been cut by an approximate 250 million kilograms, and Truckstops now operates across seven countries, including Australia, New Zealand, USA and UK.

“Truckstops has transformed our scheduling process. In the first week alone, we experienced a 40% reduction in fuel costs,” said Elliot Jenkins, transport manager of HelloFresh, the recipe delivery box business.

“It has helped us increase the scale of our in-house deliveries fourfold, even though we have only needed to put 50% more vans on the road,” he added.

Reynolds Catering Supplies, the food service operator which supplies fresh produce to companies including Pizza Express and Carluccio’s, estimates using Truckstops will save it £500,000 a year in delivery costs.

“Truckstops is expected to save us half a million pounds a year, and is now contributing significantly to the success of our business,” said Martin Ward Reynolds head of transport.

“Truckstops evaluates the full list of jobs for each planning period along with the vehicles that can fulfil these requirements, carrying out 10s of millions of calculations to create a set of optimised cost-efficient routes that meet all operating and legal requirements in super quick time,” said Paul Dawsey, logistics solutions director at Mapmechanics.

It is especially capable in planning efficient delivery journeys for businesses which differ from day to day and may include new customers who have never been visited before.

“Not only is Truckstops a powerful product capable of bringing huge efficiencies to logistics operations, but it is extremely flexible as we’ve invested heavily to ensure that it can meet the needs of a wide variety of industries. If any Transport Managers are unsure that Truckstops will achieve savings for them, we offer the chance to run their ‘real-life’ data through Truckstops at no cost to assess how it could work and what level of benefits is available,” Paul added.