A name that has long been held in the highest regard by automotive audio and entertainment experts across the globe, Pioneer has now added yet another revolutionary product to its bulging portfolio of head units, the SPH-DA120. The first Apple recognised head unit with built in AppleCar Play functionality, the Pioneer SPH-DA120 promises to re-define your HGV and truck audio and entertainment expectations by opening up a whole raft of connectivity options, all of which will make long days and nights spent on the road far more pleasurable.

The result of one of the audio stalwart’s most exhaustive development process yet undertaken, SPH-DA120 has been designed with Apple from the ground up, meaning its functionality and display exactly mimics that utilised by the iconic Californian software behemoth, though it can also equally be utilised by Android users. This means that not only does it function in a manner that will be second nature to anyone that’s used an Apple product for any length of time, doing so can be done with complete safety, with none of the dangerous (not to mention highly illegal) fumbling and miss-clicking that comes with attempting to utilise a phone’s functions while on the move.

Put simply, the SPH-DA120 allows you to enjoy the myriad benefits of smartphone connectivity while on the move, and it does it all in utterly reliable, seamless fashion.

As you might expect of a Pioneer product, the double DIN SPH-DA120 bristles with innovative features and clever design flourishes, the most notable being the 6.2in Capacitive Touch screen. Not does this display a bright, pin-sharp image at all times, it allows you to access the majority of your phone’s core functions and applications – and all in an easy to use manner. Indeed, this CarPlay equipped unit allows you to listen to your music and watch videos when parked using Pioneer’s well regarded AppRadio mode, charge your phone, and, using Siri’s voice recognition feature, the ability to dictate texts and call contacts without having to remove your hands from the wheel or your eyes from the road.

The ability to have complete, intuitive control over your phone’s key entertainment and navigational functions without having to take your mind of the road has huge ramifications for all road users, but truck and HGV drivers will doubtless feel the benefits particularly acutely. Pioneer is only too aware of the stresses and immense pressures that modern lorry drivers are routinely placed under, and there’s a strong argument for the SPH-DA120 being one of the best ways of easing said pressures. Not only will it help while away hours on the road, its slew of features enable it to double as a complete entertainment hub, so perfect for when you’re parked up after a long and tiring day pounding the road.

Bluetooth is another integral feature of the SPH-DA120, one which allows it to seamlessly stream music from third party applications like Spotify or Deezer, or, when safely parked up, videos from YouTube. Bluetooth also allows for hands free calling, meaning that this one unit really can serve as the cornerstone of a complete, one-stop-shop for all communication activities required while on the move. It isn’t hard to see how this ability has the potential to make long, dull journeys that bit more tolerable.

While all these features are undoubtedly impressive, perhaps the unit’s real skill is just how much more it allows individuals to get from their phones. Using an iPhone or similarly equipped smartphone as a satellite navigation aid need no longer be a last resort; simply connect via Bluetooth, input your desired location using the stunning LCD screen, then follow the perfectly displayed directions. The SPH-DA120 really does open up a whole new world of options for your phone that simply wouldn’t have been possible a few short years ago.

It should go without saying that, should you wish to upgrade your vehicle’s sound system at the same time, Pioneer is well placed to help. The SH-DA120 has been optimised to work with the OEM-fitted speakers and subs already in place and will therefore provide crisp, engaging sound right out of the box, but Pioneer’s position at the cutting edge of the entertainment and speaker industries means that it’s equally capable of supplying with almost any kind of setup you desire. The firm’s range includes the PRS line (among the finest money can buy), the TS-E series with Twaron Aramid fibre cone for exceptional vocal clarity, the TS-A (capable of handling extreme bass levels), and many more.

Innovative and stunningly realised, the SPH-DA120 really is the last word in smartphone-HGV connectivity, and it’s a product that Pioneer expects to find countless homes across the globe, with the haulage market having already proved particularly receptive.