PassengerCount ( by BlockDox is thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with Iris-GmbH (https://www.iris-, leaders in 3D sensor technology and advancements in public transportation.

The primary challenge facing transport operators and managers is obtaining a precise and reliable measurement of real-time passenger demand.

BlockDox’s intelligent mobility brand, PassengerCount helps rail and bus operators with key analytics and insights for a range of operational reasons including optimising boarding/alighting times, managing crowding and disruption management. Now powered by Iris’s high-precision sensors, PassengerCount reliably measures passenger footfall on trains and buses in real time.

BlockDox’s CEO and Founder Nic Shulman commented on the new collaboration:

“Due to the impact of COVID-19 on transport operations, understanding real-time passenger numbers has increasing importance. I couldn’t think of a better partner to provide us with highly-precise passenger count data. Iris-GmbH is at the forefront of passenger counting sensor technology. Using Iris sensors will not only enhance the quality of the data we collect, it will also make the analytics and insights we can deliver a lot more accurate. BlockDox is looking forward to working with Iris’s team.”

Combining advanced technologies, Iris’s sensors provide an efficient tool for precise passenger counting. Sensors are fitted with reliable time-of-flight technology, allowing public transport companies to automatically count passengers. Thus, transport performance can be accurately documented, and revenue determined based on performance. Used by train and buses’ companies across three continents, Iris has established a solid reputation, continuously exporting Germany’s technological consistency and precision worldwide.

iris Regional Director UK Fabian Knorr welcomes the new partnership:

“BlockDox is offering modern real time people counting solutions for smart buildings and is expanding to passenger counting in public transport. We expect a growing demand for these solutions, especially in the UK. The data analytics solutions of BlockDox and the strong commitment for passenger counting really impressed us. Iris GmbH is expecting to see new useful solutions from this cooperation with BlockDox”.