Pall-Ex has taken yet another stride on its international journey, by signing a Master Licensee in Czechia and Slovakia.

The new deal sees Pall-Ex add to the ever-growing number of Master Licence holders, operating across the globe under the Pall-Ex brand.

Having signed the Master Licensee Agreement (MLA) with Pall-Ex Europe in August, a member of the Graveolents Group, the Investex Groups company will now help to form Pall-Ex CS, operating across both Slovakia and Czechia (Czech Republic).

The Investex Group is an established logistics provider based in Bratislava, Slovakia, which has built a reputation for specialising in rail transport of automotive parts.

As part of this joint venture, in which Graveolents is the major shareholder, the business will utilise the branding, award-winning technology and expertise that have seen Pall-Ex grow so successfully since its inception in 1996.

It is anticipated that Pall-Ex CS will establish one central hub near the common borders which will provide excellent growth opportunities for the network.

The idea of a Czech-Slovak network and Master Licence Holder first took root over three years ago. Conversations and preparations have been ongoing since late 2018, but the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that the process has been extended by a considerable amount of time.

However, now the MLA has been signed, a new horizon awaits both Pall-Ex Europe and Graveolents.

Speaking about the plans that Pall-Ex CS has for the future, one of Investex Group’s owners, Mr. Anton Barboras comments: “We are pleased to have entered into an MLA agreement with such an important partner in the field of international logistics of palletised goods as Pall-Ex.

“The sophistication of Pall-Ex Group’s logistics system creates a high precondition for success in each new territory for each contracted hub, if the opportunity provided is properly applied in practice.

“We are aware of the importance of the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with a well-established infrastructure naturally connecting the countries of Central Europe with the rest of the world. Therefore, our primary task after mastering the preparatory phase will be to obtain a sufficient number of reliable partners in order to create depots in key agglomerations. At the same time, from the point of view of emerging depots, it will be necessary to take into account the fastest possible coverage of the entire territory from the point of view of depots for their as even as possible reach of delivery of palletized goods to end customers.

“A demanding joint work awaits us – to join the international network of HUBs of the Pall-Ex group as soon as possible and to make the Pall-Ex CS territory systematically available for the service of collection and delivery of palletised goods to as many European customers as possible.

“I believe that by working together, we can work together to achieve this goal on time, as we plan together. ”

Equally excited to begin working with Pall-Ex CS and see the growth they can achieve is Pall-Ex Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kevin Buchanan.

He comments: “We are delighted to be welcome the Investex Group as Master Licence holders. They are a very professional organisation with a proven track record of running successful businesses.

“The team, led by Mr. Barboras, have a solid understanding for what is needed to create the model in a new territory and have spent a great deal of time researching the region.”

Kevin continues: “The company shares the same values as Pall-Ex Group and we very much look forward to working with Anton and the team on this incredibly important strategic location for the expansion of Pall-Ex in Europe and beyond.”

As Pall-Ex CS begins to take shape, it signifies the continued growth of Pall-Ex Internationally.

To find out more about the Group’s expansion, and the opportunities available to prospective Master Licensees, visit: