Optima Technology partners with bp pulse to provide a unique data management solution for its global EV charging network

Energy data specialist Optima Technology has formed a strategic partnership with bp pulse to consolidate, measure and manage energy usage data and support the global rollout of its EV charging stations – one of the largest networks in the world.

Optima Technology’s unique platform automatically aggregates usage data from retailers and grid data from suppliers directly, scanning for discrepancies in order to validate purchased energy vs consumed energy. The company then provides bp pulse with one accurate data source from which to manage its financial performance, carbon emissions and tax reporting worldwide.

The technology was first onboarded at sites across Germany before expanding into Holland, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. It is expected that the Optima platform will also have been rolled out into France, Portugal, Poland and Austria by Spring 2023.

Michele Garra, CEO, Optima Technology said: “Optima is pleased to have been appointed to support bp pulse’s EV global network expansion and continue to extend our relationship with energy data reporting and analytics solutions. The development of our centralised EV management and measurement platform is quite unique in this critical category expansion stage for both EV and battery industries to support network management and economics.

‘We have an established reputation for data accuracy, providing a single source of truth which will help bp pulse to accelerate along its sustainability – and commercial – journey.”

Optima Technology will provide full service training and ongoing support from its UK based service desk and customer success team as the rollout continues.

Optima will hold its AGM on Monday 28th November 2022 and update shareholders on the Net Zero technology and innovation strategy. Following the AGM, Optima will upload an EV Product Showcase video and presentation takeaway on the company website to provide a detailed explanation on the EV Network Problem Statement, the Optima technology platform solution and the EV value pool – optimatech.io