IVECO Driver Pal: IVECO’s pioneering on-board vocal driver companion built on Amazon Web Services with Amazon Alexa features The cutting-edge project from IVECO, built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), sets new standards in innovative services for drivers by introducing a voice-enabled skill through Amazon Alexa. IVECO Driver Pal, the new IVECO driver companion that comprises the MYIVECO and MYCOMMUNITY skills, enables the driver to bring their digital life on board and interact with their vehicle and the driver community through voice commands via Amazon Alexa, providing a comfortable, safer and stress-free driving experience. IVECO Driver Pal takes connectivity to the next level, also enabling access to the brand’s expanding portfolio of IVECO ON digital services through voice commands as well as the extensive portfolio of Amazon Web Services and Amazon Alexa features.

IVECO launched today IVECO Driver Pal, its pioneering vocal driver companion on its new Daily and IVECO S-WAY ranges in a live digital event for its dealer network and the international trade press. IVECO Driver Pal has been built with the support of AWS Professional...

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