Durite, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of camera solutions for commercial vehicles, has launched an interactive website designed to help fleet operators and Transport Managers easily select the optimum equipment to improve safety, remain compliant and reduce costs.

Marketing Manager, Veronique Vanoli explains: “Extensive research and customer feedback told us that finding the right safety solution for a fleet is not an easy task, especially when needing to comply with regulations or specific insurance requirements. So, we set about designing a new and simplified method for fleet buyers, managers and owners to find the right equipment for their individual business needs.”

To this end, Durite’s new Logistics and Transport Operator support system features a unique ‘Kit Selector’ which uses a simple step-by-step process to quickly determine which products are best for each transport operation.

Listing a range of vehicle types: HGV, rigid, van, waste, PSV, emergency and construction, the Durite Kit Selector provides a one-click pathway to “All-in-One” solutions including safe manoeuvring, incident recording and livestream fleet management.

“Plus,” adds Veronique, “while offering the correct safety solution, the system enables operators from virtually all transport sectors to ensure compliance with current regulations such as FORS and DVS (Direct Vision Standard).”

Furthermore, says Durite, the new safety site provides the latest industry news, regulatory changes and updates relevant to most commercial vehicle transport fleets.

John Nobbs, Durite’s UK Sales Manager, adds: “With so many options available on the market, this unique equipment selection tool aims to cut through the challenges and pitfalls which can sometimes lead to making the wrong equipment choice. Fleet and Transport Managers often have busy schedules, the Durite Kit Selector enables them to find the perfect solution for their business right there and then.”

Durite is a FORS Associate, offering a comprehensive range of safety camera solutions for commercial vehicles. The company has supplied over 50,000 systems to UK vehicle operators.The Durite Kit Selector can be found at www.durite.co.uk/kit-selector.