Commercial fleet services provider, Fraikin, has appointed Regan Greeff as its new Technology Solutions Manager, a role dedicated to educating and guiding its customers through the evolving world of connected fleet management.

With 13 years of experience working in the automotive telematics sector with MiX Telematics, he has been tasked with driving both Fraikin and its customers’ connected ambitions forwards.

Using a clear understanding of how to harness the operational benefits that can be derived from vehicle data, Greeff will continue to expand Fraikin’s connected technology portfolio – though he is keen to stress how its potential value is still widely underutilised across the industry.

“More of Fraikin’s customers are beginning to embrace what the technology has to offer, with a better understanding of how they want to put that data to work. But we still have an important role to play in educating those businesses in what is possible, as well as helping those that are only just beginning their journey,” says Greeff.

“Fraikin can no longer be defined as simply a commercial vehicle supplier. We understand that to truly support our customers we need to invest in a full range of connected technologies so that we can deliver a complete fleet management solution.”

In his new role, Greeff will play a key part in the development and deployment of Fraikin’s portfolio of connected technology tools, MYSMARTFLEET, which is capable of optimising everything from driver behaviour, remote monitoring, fleet utilisation and route planning, through to improved vehicle compliance and safety.

“Stepping into the world of telematics and connected tech can be daunting and very time-consuming, especially for customers who have been operating for years without it. For us, it all boils down to getting the right information to the right people at the right time, and together we can help operators start leveraging vehicle data to take their fleet management to the next level,” Greeff concludes.

Originally from South Africa, Greeff moved to the UK in 2010. Now living in Bristol, he is a keen athlete, having taken part in an Iron Man distance triathlon in 2017 before continuing his education with a master’s degree in Business Administration and another in Software Engineering through The Open University.