MORE THAN HALF (54 percent) of Britons back measures to ensure the UK can reach net zero quickly, new research has revealed.

The poll commissioned by Renovare Fuels identified two-thirds (65 percent) of the public believe greater support should be given to diesel and petrol owners to help them transition to net zero.

Despite strong public support for the net zero transition, there is scepticism about the costs involved, with three-in-five (59 percent) expressing their concern.

Even with younger people who are typically more supportive of ambitious action to tackle climate change, more than half (55 percent) highlighted their concern about the potential costs of net zero.

As a result, the public want greater support for motorists to aid the transition to net zero.

Strongly in favour of utilising environmentally friendly fuels in hard-to-transition sectors, some three-in-five (60 percent) of the public recognise the important role renewable fuels can play in the aviation, road transport, and maritime sectors to reduce emissions.

Sustainable fuels producer, Renovare Fuels, offers advanced renewable biofuels as a direct ‘drop in’ replacement for diesel, petrol and aviation fuel, with no requirement for engine modifications.

The innovative technology developed with NASA and the US Department of Energy, converts biogas created by organise waste from landfill and anaerobic digestors into an advanced liquid biofuel that can cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 97 percent.

This new research revealed that half of the public (50 percent) are aware of biogas being converted into more sustainable fuels, with approximately 53 percent being open to switching to these greener fuel alternatives.

In contrast, just one in six (17 percent) of the public are actively looking to buy an electric vehicle, suggesting high purchase costs and a lack of charging infrastructure across the UK remain a barrier to adoption.

Renovare Fuels Chairman, Matthew Stone, said:

“Today’s polling results show clearly that Britons are enthusiastic about the UK’s transition to net zero.

“We are seeing increasing awareness of the important role renewable fuels such as biogas can play alongside electric vehicles in reducing emissions and driving a shift away from oil.

“From shipping to aviation to road vehicles, renewable fuels have a profound role to play in building a more sustainable future for transport.”

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