Midland Pallet Trucks celebrates the government tech fund for decarbonising freight and boosting innovation

Midland Pallet Trucks, a leading provider of material handling equipment and logistics solutions, celebrates the recently announced £7 million tech fund by the UK government to decarbonise freight and boost innovation in the logistics sector.

The company sees this move as a significant step towards a more sustainable future for the logistics industry. The fund, which will be used to support research and development of new technologies, will help to reduce emissions and improve efficiency in the transportation of goods. This is in line with Midland Pallet Trucks’ mission to provide innovative solutions for its customers that help to make the logistics sector more productive and efficient.

Midland Pallet Trucks provide their customers with high-quality materials handling equipment, including electric pallet trucks, weighing scale trucks, and high lift pallet trucks. This equipment allows companies to optimise warehouse management, improving efficiency in the supply chain.

Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, Phil Chesworth, says: “We are very excited about the opportunities that this tech fund presents for our industry. Decarbonising freight is not only important for the environment but also for the long-term competitiveness of British businesses. Efficient logistics is crucial for the progress of business in the UK, and this fund will help to improve productivity across the sector,”.

He adds, “The £7 million tech fund announced by the UK government is a great step forward for the logistics sector and for the country as a whole in the move towards a greener and more sustainable future.”

The government’s tech fund will help accelerate the development and implementation of new technologies, which will benefit the wider logistics sector. It is an exciting time for the industry, and Midland Pallet Trucks is committed to supporting its customers throughout this period with the provision of high-quality materials handling equipment.

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