Microlise Group plc (AIM: SAAS), a leading provider of SaaS based transport technology solutions to
fleet operators, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Vita Software, a leading provider of
transportation management system (“TMS”) solutions, for a total consideration of £2.06 million. The
acquisition will expand Microlise’s suite of transport technology solutions and is expected to
immediately enhance earnings.

Established 2012 in the UK, Vita Software is a SaaS based TMS (Transportation Management System)
who are highly regarded and profitable, adding recurring revenue to the Microlise Group. They
provide a range of order management products to fleet logistics operators, which includes resource
and transport costing, subcontractor management and invoicing solutions. Business and product
integration will begin immediately, and all existing staff being retained.

Microlise’s existing solutions manage the safe, compliant, and efficient execution of the transport
movements through its range of subscription services, offering the tracking and execution of
generated orders. Vita Software’s TMS capabilities provides upsell and crosssell opportunities,
embedding Microlise even further into its existing customers’ operations. The software only system
is applicable to fleets of all sizes, supporting the Groups strategy to expand its value proposition
further into medium sized fleets, with an enriched product offering.

The Company will pay an initial consideration of £1.86 million cash payment for Vita Software, on a
cash free, debt free basis, with the initial consideration funded from the Company’s existing cash
reserves. In addition, the Company will pay a deferred consideration of £0.2 million after 12 months
subject to any claims.

Vita Software generated Adjusted EBITDA of £0.25 million in the year ended 30 September 2022.
Commenting on the acquisition, CEO Nadeem Raza said:

“We are excited to announce the acquisition of Vita Software, as part of our strategic plans to grow
the Microlise product portfolio using funds raised via our IPO. This is the first of a number of
targeted acquisitions that are being progressed, driving our longterm plan to offer a comprehensive
suite of solutions that cater to fleets of all sizes across our strategic geographies. Through combining
TMS technology with our existing offerings, we are providing our customers with an accessible and
enriched endtoend solution that is designed to optimise operations, increase cost visibility, and
improve profitability.

This acquisition will also provide us significant opportunities for upselling and crossselling, enabling
us to further strengthen our relationships with our customers and reinforce our position as a leading
provider of transport technology solutions. We remain committed to delivering innovative products
and services that add value to our customers’ businesses, and we look forward to leveraging our
expanded capabilities to achieve further growth and success.”