Leading UK transport and logistics operator, Maritime Transport Ltd., has partnered with CameraMatics to fit connected smart camera systems across its entire fleet.
Operating an impressive fleet of more than 1,500 trucks and employing over 2,000 drivers, Maritime covers some 120 million miles each year, meaning the team needs a solution they can rely on. Maritime takes its duty of care extremely seriously and safety is a key priority for the company – the safety and wellbeing of drivers and all road users. This, along with the introduction of the Direct Vision Standard and similar schemes led Maritime to look for a long-term, future proof solution for their fleet.

Maritime have opted for a 360˚ camera setup, including in-cab driver facing cameras, plus left-turn alerts and smart sensors. The drivers appreciate the extra visibility the technology provides and the protection it gives them from fraudulent claims. Remote download of footage is a major benefit of the platform and saves the fleet team time and hassle.
“In Felixstowe alone we have 220 vehicles and retrieving footage previously could be a time-consuming process. Instant, remote access to footage now has been a huge benefit to us. In the event of an incident or accident we know immediately what happened and can take appropriate action. The footage is also proving extremely useful for our Driver Administrators who use it in the training classrooms,” commented Paul Heyhoe, Fleet Director, Maritime Transport Ltd.

Maritime prides itself on cutting-edge IT systems and the easy-to-use CameraMatics Suite was another big factor in CameraMatics’, along with the potential for integration with existing Telematics and other systems. Investing in a solution that will work for the long-term is important to Maritime.
Senior IT Support Technician, Ross McNicol, Maritime Transport Ltd., said,
“We look for long-term partnerships that deliver excellent value and quality products and services. We wanted a provider we could trust with the expertise to work with our large operation long term. We looked at a number of different options but felt CameraMatics was the best fit for the business. The CameraMatics team understands the industry we’re in and what we need in order to operate. We’re confident that the technology will continue to develop and grow with us.”

The new contract cements CameraMatics as key players in the Fleet Technology space. The CameraMatics team have long-term fleets experience with over twenty years in the business, having previously built and run eDrive group. Having identified the many challenges fleet operators faced around risk, they sold eDrive in 2016 so they could focus on developing a complete Fleet Risk Management offering designed to help businesses address those challenges.

CameraMatics Co-founder and Director, Simon Murray said,
“We are delighted to welcome Maritime on board. Their vehicles are a common site on Britain’s roads and we’re proud to be protecting drivers and road users with CameraMatics. We look forward to a long and productive partnership.”

So far, close to 1,000 vehicles have been fitted with CameraMatics, with the rest of the installations happening on a daily basis as Maritime’s fleet becomes safer, smarter and more efficient.