Award-winning Thermal Road Repairs (TRR) is pleased to announce the release of its latest paver mount heater, which company founders and directors, Aidan Conway and Danny Falls, believe will vastly improve the laying and maintenance of asphalt surfaces worldwide.

The duo also believe that this new machinery will bring significant growth for the business, with sales figures 250% higher than originally forecast.

The equipment, which allows asphalt to be laid seamlessly, eliminates joints from the outset.  This means contractors, companies and Councils that invest in TRR can benefit from whole life costing.

TRR is currently the only company in the UK providing paver mounted thermal technology capable of producing this seamless finish and TRR’s equipment and technology is significantly further advanced than any other international provider.

Already in use on our roads, carriageways and runways, TRR’s latest paver mount heater includes sophisticated start-stop technology, which allows the computerised equipment to operate independently whilst synchronising with the paver.

Once the surface reaches a specified temperature heat is automatically dispelled through fans, maintaining a high quality surface finish and averting damage caused from over-heating.  The paver only continues to advance once the ground temperature has reached an optimum level again.

Commenting on the launch of its latest thermal technology, Aidan says: “By incorporating the ‘start-stop’ technology, our machines are much more precise so there is less waste and measurable cost savings.  With our original system this was a manual process.  It was very difficult to accurately determine the exact moment to cut off the heat, so we invested in automating it and we are extremely pleased with the paver’s improved performance.”

The results of TRR’s new machinery speak for themselves, with Ray Mullett, Director at Associated Asphalt, commenting: “We are constantly striving to improve our delivery.  This superb technology will be utilised on both our network and local authority operations and should eradicate all problems with joints.”

Both founders have held senior positions in the surfacing industry for many years.  The concept for the company was initiated in 2012 following Highways England’s request to find a permanent solution to the joint failures in asphalt surfaces that plague roads across the country.

Aidan explains: “Whilst asphalt itself can last up to 20 years, typically joints begin to deteriorate a lot quicker.  We wanted to develop a permanent solution to joint failures so asphalt is safer, more durable and the cost of maintaining our roads is significantly reduced.”

The condition of roads in the UK was highlighted recently in the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) annual maintenance report, published in March this year.  The report claims that 1 in 6 roads across the country are in such poor condition they are in danger of being closed within the next five years as pressure on the aging network continues to rise.

Aidan continues: “We spent two years researching and developing our system and since launching our first machine in 2014 have expanded our portfolio to ensure joints are completely eradicated in asphalt surfaces, whether TRR machines are used to patch a pothole or when laying an entire carriageway or runway.

“TRR is a small, start-up North West business and we are very proud of our achievements so far.  With smaller budgets and businesses looking for the latest, high performing products at the best prices, combined with our technology, focus and determination, we expect to play an important role in improving the road network both nationally and internationally.”

With offices in Radcliffe and Alsager, Aidan and Danny will now use their combined 50+ years of surfacing industry experience to grow the business.  Through securing new clients, supplying machinery to major contractors and working with Highways England and local authorities across the UK, the duo are committed to delivering seamless roads and surfaces.

For further information, please call 01204 576000 or visit, and @thermalrepairs