Mobile Fleetwash, the on-site fleet cleaning brand of LPW Europe, has recently celebrated it’s 125th van on the road in the UK.

Their new 125th Mobile Cleaning Unit was brought into service to cover the Norfolk area due to increased demand within the region. Over the past 12 months there have been 22 new Mobile Fleetwash teams brought in across the country, from Aberdeen to Cornwall. They can apparently boast a better coverage of the country than some mobile phone networks!

This increase in teams on the road has been driven by the huge demand for this service. Their clients find it very easy having a Mobile cleaning unit on their site at a convenient time every week. It means keeping fleets clean (and therefore brands looking great) with minimal operational impact.

Mobile Fleetwash teams operate at all different times of day throughout the week, the scheduling has to be based around the operation of the company they are cleaning for. That means cleaning can take place at any point during the week in order to suit individual operational requirements. This can be vital, especially for time critical businesses. Cleaning on site is the best way of washing as many of the vehicles as possible, and the most operationally effective way of keeping a brand looking good. The teams carry all necessary cleaning items from the LPW Fleetcare range of products.

Another way the Mobile Fleetwash brand has been able to develop over the years is the containment and disposal of waste water. Many sites around the country do not have on site interceptors or consent to discharge from local authorities preventing them from washing vehicles on their own premises. The Mobile Fleetwash waste water containment system means that the water doesn’t reach any drains but is held, where they pump it into a disposal container on the vehicle in order to dispose of it at an environment agency approved location.

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