The Christmas commercial from the leading technology communication company, tells the story of a truck driver who keeps in touch with his daughter through the Vodafone network while crossing Italy in his IVECO S-WAY

Turin, 6th December 2022

An IVECO S-WAY is centre stage in this year’s Vodafone Christmas TV advert, to show the role of the connection in bringing people together, through the eyes of a truck driver crossing Italy on Christmas Eve.

The TV advert which is on air across Italy’s major TV stations (in 15-, 45-, and 30-second formats) and on digital and social channels, tells the story of a truck driver forced by work to stay away from home at Christmas. His 18-year-old daughter – thanks to the coverage, stability and power of the Vodafone network – travels across Italy to follow and communicate with her father, who is unaware of the surprise his daughter wants to give him. Finally, she manages to reach her father in the port where his truck is parked, and finally father and daughter are happily reunited.

IVECO particularly cares about the wellbeing of its drivers, whose comfort and safety are at the heart of its strategy. This Christmas TV commercial tells a story that will feel familiar to many IVECO drivers, who are away from their families and loved ones on special days of celebration. That’s why it was an opportunity for IVECO to be part of the advert to express its gratitude to drivers for the vital role they play in our society and inspiring IVECO’s new product and service development.

True to IVECO’s customer-centric continuous improvement process, IVECO is constantly looking for new ways of enhancing the driver’s experience with features and services that improve their life on the road – from the set up and design of the cab interior to effective remote assistance, from advanced connectivity to premium all-inclusive coverage. IVECO strives to be the first truck maker in making the drivers’ life on board easier, more productive and safer through product and service innovation.

The IVECO S-WAY travelling with the driver across the country in the Vodafone TV commercial embodies IVECO’s commitment to providing them with the best experience. The IVECO S-WAY is a perfect driver companion built with the customer in mind. Launched in 2021, it marked a turning point in the industry by changing the way drivers interact with their vehicles through Amazon Alexa voice commands with the unique voice companion, IVECO Driver Pal.