IVECO and 27 companies and organisations in the biomethane value chain presented the “Biomethane Declaration” to the European Energy Commissioner and discussed the key role and scale-up of this renewable gas in the energy mix to decarbonize sectors such as transport and industry.

During the meeting, IVECO shared its commitment to becoming Net Zero Carbon by 2040 and the role of biomethane on the pathway to this objective.

Turin, 15th December 2021

IVECO was one of 28 leading European companies and associations which presented the “Biomethane Declaration” to EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson. The Declaration advocates for the recognition of biomethane’s role in the decarbonisation pathways as the most effective, affordable, scalable and sustainable gas available today. It highlights the collective ambition of its signatories to scale up biomethane application across Europe to at least 350 TWh (33 billion m3) by 2030, the potential estimated by the European Commission in the in-depth analysis supporting the “Clean Planet for All” communication (2018).

The European Commissioner for Energy accepted the Biomethane Declaration, highlighting the important role of renewable gas in decarbonising sectors such as transport, industry and residential heating, building a more resilient energy system and reducing energy dependency.

The Declaration signatories expressed their desire to mobilise the biomethane value chain to promote its benefits and opportunities and cooperate with national and EU policy makers and other stakeholders to ensure the support needed for a Europe-wide scale-up and use of this renewable gas.

Giandomenico Fioretti, Alternative Propulsion Business Development Director commented: “The meeting with European Commissioner Kadri Simson was very positive and showed that IVECO’s pathway to becoming Net Zero Carbon by 2040 is perfectly in line with the European Union’s targets and plans of action. We share the view that decarbonisation requires an energy mix where biomethane and hydrogen play a central role, and that all actors in the biomethane value chain need to join forces to support the development of the technology and the necessary infrastructure, and to create the conditions for a widespread adoption. In view of the proven outstanding decarbonising power of biomethane, it is absolutely key for the role of biomethane in achieving the CO2 targets for heavy-duty transport to be officially recognised.”

IVECO has pioneered sustainable transport solutions and, with more than 25 years’ experience, is today the industry leader in gas mobility with more than 40,000 vehicles sold. It has announced its commitment to become Net Zero Carbon by 2040 – 10 years earlier than the ambitious EU targets on climate neutrality – through the progressive adoption of alternative propulsion.

IVECO’s pathway to decarbonising heavy-duty transport sees an energy mix based on customer mission and product range, based on biomethane, Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) and Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) technologies. This is consistent with the European Commission’s new energy package, which aims to facilitate the deployment of renewable gases through the distribution networks, to set up market rules for Hydrogen, and to secure a fair and cost-effective transition.

In particular, the energy package is expected to take action to enable, expand and maximise biomethane availability, as well as ensure accessibility through harmonisation of regulations across EU markets, which IVECO sees as a key factor in scaling up biomethane and reaching decarbonisation targets.

Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson’s position was also aligned with IVECO’s view that all value chain stakeholders need to join forces in supporting the development of the technology in order to realise and achieve the biomethane potential highlighted in the declaration.