One of the early adopters of Whale Tankers’ innovative KAISERWHALE sewer cleaning Jet-Vac with continuous dirty water recycling was another progressive and innovative focused company, South West-based specialist drainage and liquid water contractor, Clear-flow Limited. Fast-forward, and it is business as usual, Clear-flow having now taken delivery of the latest generation KAISERWhale – one that as ongoing innovation dictates carries a raft of new features.

Established in 1982, Clear-flow offers a diverse range of specialist commercial and domestic services dedicated to tankering, deep lift, high-pressure water jetting, confined space entry, no-dig pipelining, and CCTV inspection. Clear-flow develop its own bespoke ICT management systems in house, which includes a web-based platform for sewer cleansing data management to plan, capture and analyse all data both current and historic. This gives full transparency and reportability, both internally and to customers via a unique portal allowing secure streaming of data and footage.

The new KAISERWhale immediately presents Clear-flow with the opportunity to further broaden its capabilities to both private and public sector customers across the South West and has been specified to operate with maximum efficiency in what Clear-flow admits is a ‘trying geographical environment’. Not surprisingly, the latest generation KAISERWhale represents a flexible engineering solution, perfectly matched to Clear-Flow’s exacting operational requirements.

Heading the new levels of innovation is a fully-hydraulic and powerful 6” (150mm) sewer flex suction lifting boom that operates through a 270 degree radius, a feature that is a real asset when reaching over and around immovable objects, whilst removing the need for operatives to work solely at the rear of the vehicle, which has immediate positive occupational health and safety benefits. So too does the KAISERWhale’s deployment of two hand-held 28-function radio remote controlled units that come complete with a fail-safe auto shutdown feature should signal loss occur. Integrated into the controllers is an alarm that cleverly alerts the driver should the remotes be left behind.

Also now featuring on the KAISERWhale boom is assist parking, whereby a single button serves to park the overhead loading boom, whilst a new park bracket has been designed to protect the main tank of the KAISERWhale from being damaged should the boom be hit. The feed motor now also has a variable speed controlled by the PLC to ensure it stays in line with the boom. And lastly, the boom and main hose reel have been designed and integrated to operate simultaneously.

Truly multi-functional and versatile, the KAISERWhale has fast become the leading dirty water recycler here in the UK, and one that Whale Tankers and Clear-flow are confident will benefit from additional innovative features, such as the latest fuel efficient and power on demand hydraulic control system that will drive down both operating and maintenance costs.

As Clear-flow’s General Manager, Luke Turner states: “This latest generation KAISERWhale is a perfect example of what can be achieved when innovation abounds and flows between two like-minded organisations. This is the third KAISERWhale Clear-flow has commissioned and we believe it will prove instrumental in helping our business continue to grow and develop through a focus and business philosophy that has always centred on a never say no attitude.

“Clear-flow enjoys a very close working relationship with the entire team at Whale and has done through an association spanning some 28 years. With over 80% of our circa 45-strong fleet being Whale we benefit not only from excellent product engineering that manifests itself in terms of quality and outstanding operational reliability, but also product and onboard system consistency, something that is important from a training standpoint, whilst also being of great benefit to the teams that operate them,” adds Luke.

In terms of additional technology and features is the Kaiser KDU High Pressure Water pump assembly that delivers recycled water at a flow rate of up to 430 l/min and up to 200 bar, via a single stage filtration system that is constantly cleaned by a spray bar.

The vacuum system of the KAISERWhale is powered by the Kaiser KWP3100i liquid ring pump delivering 3000m3/h (1800cfm) at 85% maximum vacuum.

The tank of the KAISERWhale – manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel and featuring a single, multi-stage hydraulic tipping ram – incorporates a four-compartment structure. Alongside a 13,000-litre debris/sludge compartment is a sealing water compartment that supplies the liquid ring pump, a 1,000-litre overspill tank and a 2,800-litre compartment for clean water jetting.

The primary hose reel, mounted at the front of the tank and guided using a auto hose lay on the boom itself, effectively handles 200m of 1” thermoplastic jetting hose that has a dual function digital jetting hose meter with programmable digital display. A hydraulically operated secondary hose reel, capable of accepting up to 100m of ½” high-pressure hose, also features on the KAISERWhale.

Dramatically increasing the working efficiency of the KAISERWhale at night, this latest model features eight scene lights at 8000 Lumens each. Serving to further improve operator safety, lighting also features on all lockers, with two LEDs being integrated into the boom end.

Environmentally, the KAISERWhale also ticks the correct box when it comes to emissions having the capacity to run on Biofuel. Based at Clear-flow’s Redruth depot in Cornwall, the KAISERWhale is powered by the latest Euro 6 engine in a DAF FAQ 32 tonne 8 x 2 tri-axle chassis.

Commenting on behalf of Whale Tankers, Commercial Director, Chris Anderson said: “It seems fitting that the latest generation KAISERWhale has been commissioned by Clear-flow who ordered the first deep sewer cleaner of its kind. As has happened over the last three decades, this latest vehicle configuration has seen Whale and Clear-flow continue to work together in creating what is a specifically designed and highly-diversified fleet that meets the bespoke customer requirements and unique infrastructure associated with the South West.

Not surprisingly, Clear-flow continues to expand its fleet with further recent additions being 14,000 litre and 18,000 litre capacity vacuum and jetting tankers from Whale, with multiple units on order