The team at AGI Cardiff recently completed a chartered Air Freight shipment for a customer in the Oil & Gas industry. Luckily for the customer, the team have over 20 years experience working in this industry, so they were in safe hands with Lee Sheppard and Gavin Haycock overseeing the project! Read on to find out all about it!

Air Freight From China To Spain
With this particular project, the team at AGI Cardiff air freighted boilers and tubing from China to Germany, via Azerbaijan, by chartering 3 Boeing 747’s! And that was only part of the journey, with the team organising road transport from Germany to Spain to complete the shipment.

The customer had a tight schedule, so Air Freight was the perfect mode of transport for them. But without chartering an aircraft, the job simply couldn’t be completed, as the shipment totalled a staggering 30 tonnes. The shipment was split over 6 crates, and Gavin, the Key Account Manager for AGI Cardiff commented: “By splitting the shipment out, each Boeing 747 carried 2 crates, meaning the freight could be delivered together. This was key for the customer, and that’s exactly what we delivered.”

Lee, the Director for AGI Cardiff added: “The team worked incredibly hard on this freight project, and the customer couldn’t have been happier with the result. This was a great project to be involved in, especially as it’s an area we specialise in.”
Gavin concluded: “We also have to thank our Chinese and European agents, as they played a part in the success of this project.”
Specialising in freight projects, the team at AGI Cardiff regularly transport oversized goods too. Why not click here to take a look at a previous project the team completed.

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