National logistics company, Farrall’s Group has its sights firmly set on expansion following the implementation of new warehouse software from supply chain software specialists, Access Group.

Replacing its time-consuming and expensive-to-run warehouse software with Access Delta Warehouse Management System (WMS), the company has streamlined its processes by moving from four systems to two.

Customers can now use a portal to place orders and see their stock at any time, thanks to a seamless one-stop-shop for full pallet intake, part pallet and pick and pack. The cloud-based software can also be scaled up as Farrall’s expands and provides the cyber-security features the team was looking for.

Explaining more, managing director Matthew Farrall, said:

“We had reached the point where we needed greater flexibility, so we could manage our warehouse stock more effectively and adapt to our customers’ requirements.

“Until recently, we had four systems in place – two for warehousing and two for transport – but it was proving far too long-winded. We have multiple customers using our warehouses and sometimes need to move fast. Combining our core operations into two systems has allowed us to become much more agile.

“Before we had this technology in place, we were struggling to handle 4,000 pallets at a fast pace. Now we are more efficient than ever and can confidently take on bigger contracts.

“Expansion on a national scale is part of our strategy and Delta is part of that picture. We know we can scale it up to another warehouse, we already have a WMS that can be rolled out and integrated with the TMS.”

He added:

“The fact that Delta is cloud-hosted is a big plus for us. As long as we have an internet connection, we can rapidly expand into other locations, without having to install servers. Cyber-security is a worry for any business but with a hosted solution, we have peace-of-mind that it is being managed by experts.”

Depending on a business’ requirements, Access Delta is available as an on-premise or cloud-hosted solution and can be integrated with other systems, including transport management systems, finance and accounting software.

The WMS software is also available via the Access Workspace platform which can be used to manage other business functions such as recruitment, absence management, customer invoicing and expenses via one dashboard, with a single sign-on.

Rob Hodgson warehouse and supply chain management specialist at Access Group, explained:

“Just as Amazon, Alibaba, Ocado and others have pioneered data-driven warehousing, it’s great to see expanding 3PLs like Farrall’s Group now harnessing its power too.

“With real-time analytics, they can optimise inventory space, respond quickly to customer demand, take on new contracts and expand, in line with their goals.

“An off-the-shelf solution like Delta is quick to implement, requires minimal staff training and increases their capabilities without dramatically increasing manpower. Taken together, this will empower Farrall’s to win more contracts and be more competitive.

“We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Farrall’s and we wish them every success in their plans for future expansion.”

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