Durite, the UK’s leading brand in vehicle safety, lighting and auto-electrical parts is supporting the annual RHA event – National Lorry Week.

Now in its ninth year, National Lorry Week features a four-week roadshow and travels throughout the UK, examining and discussing diverse aspects of the transport industry.

Engaging with RHA members, industry partners, schools, colleges and Government, the roadshow celebrates sustainability while showcasing the latest advancements in eco-friendly vehicles, fuels and technology.

Running concurrently, staged over four weeks and culminating on November the 29th, the RHA Autumn Briefings – 25 regional events held throughout the UK – are aimed at reinforcing the general message at a local level.

For their part, the Durite team will be on hand at each briefing to assist and inform fleet operators regarding their latest vehicle safety solutions, including guidance regarding the regulations and equipment required to comply with the London DVS scheme. In this vein, Durite remains at the forefront of vehicle camera development, bringing the latest technology to safety conscious vehicle operators across multiple sectors.

Durite has accompanied transport businesses through the change of legislation surrounding DVS and is committed to offering fleets a smooth transition to DVS Phase 2, always aware of the impact on local communities and looking beyond those directly involved with the logistics industry.

“Road safety is not solely the responsibility of one individual road user but rather a collective effort on behalf of all vehicle operators and suppliers to the transport industry, “says Durite.

According to the RHA, this year’s event is exploring the future of road transport and showcasing how the industry is constantly evolving with cutting edge technologies and sustainable practices.

“The beauty of National Lorry Week is that it allows businesses like Durite to show support to the industry and its workers, whilst helping to promote and raise awareness of steps taken to make the road safer for everyone,” says Durite, adding, “regardless of their connection to the industry, the greater part each participant plays in the campaign, the more awareness will be generated across the board.”

Durite has seen tremendous changes in road safety over the last decade. From cameras to sensing technology, the company continues to innovate, driven by industry demand to help drivers and fleet managers operate more efficiently and safely.

During this year’s National Lorry Week, Durite is keen to raise awareness of fleet and road safety, promoting a collaborative effort across industries and communities. The rapid technological advancements in the field, such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), says the company, deserve recognition for their contributions to safety and operational efficiency.

“We are delighted to be a part of this important industry initiative,” adds Durite, “National Lorry Week and the RHA Autumn Briefings will help drive awareness and appreciation of the industry. It all fits well with our mission and vision and aligns perfectly with our stated corporate position to promote safety for all transport vehicle operators.”

As a result of National Lorry Week, Durite envisions a stronger focus on harnessing technology to ease challenges faced by operators, as well as a greater recognition by industry to attract young talent and government support for sustainability and safety.