Strategic Analytics Team (SAT), the logistics operational expertise management specialist, is partnering with Trakm8 Group PLC, a big data company specialising in telematics and fleet management solutions worldwide.

The partnership will see SAT share its wealth of experience and knowledge with Trakm8. This includes looking at the importance of driver training, the latest in journey management software, route planning, managing risks in teams out on the road, fleet management and the associated responsibilities, and much more to ensure safer travelling and greater efficiency. The company will also help its customers to increase productivity and reduce overheads through offering Trakm8 products such as telematics, vehicle cameras and route optimisation software.

Trakm8 optimises electric vehicles and its algorithms to help businesses build the case for introducing or switching their fleet to electric vehicles (EVs) from traditional fossil fuelled vehicles. As such, Trakm8 will also offer SAT’s Electric Vehicle Defensive Driver Training Education Programme as part of the partnership, a course which hit the headlines when it was launched last year as it is the only course of this type in the world.

Paul Jorgensen, Senior Partner and Founder of SAT, said: “SAT is proud to announce this partnership with Trakm8. Our two organisations are so in sync in terms of feeling passionate about educating drivers about the impacts of their behaviour and finding cost and time effective solutions for fleet managers. It just made perfect sense for us to team up and share knowledge and expertise. We are very excited by this partnership and looking forward to working closely with Trakm8 going forward.”

Colin Ferguson, Managing Director of Fleet and Optimisation at Trakm8, added: “Our businesses are so well aligned in the sense that improving safety initiatives, reducing costs and simplifying the management of vehicles, are at the heart of what we both do. We look forward to working with SAT in what we are sure will be a lengthy and highly valuable partnership.”

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