DispatchTrack, the global leader in last mile delivery solutions, today announced the availability of Track & Trace, a feature integrated into its last mile platform that provides an unprecedented level of real-time information about every delivery run or service call. Leveraging GPS tracking and delivery status updates, Track & Trace provides a complete, up-to-the-minute audit trail that allows businesses to track the location of orders and service units across the last mile both during and after delivery, resulting in complete delivery transparency. It’s also designed to combat false liability by enabling businesses to see precisely when and where deliveries occurred including capturing location data in areas where GPS and mobile connectivity is unreliable.

Track & Trace is uniquely able to capture massive amounts of data, organise it, and display it so users have access to the exact data they need, when they need it, in a meaningful way. Whether it’s real-time delivery data or information required for troubleshooting deliveries, users can get the data they need in just a few clicks. Real-time visibility enables businesses to identify where problems may exist so they can take proactive, corrective action to optimise their routes and ensure customers’ expectations are met. Unlike other solutions, DispatchTrack does the hard work behind the scenes so there’s never an interruption to the performance of daily operations.

“Without thorough and accurate visibility into the last mile, it’s impossible for companies to know exactly what’s happening once their drivers are dispatched, particularly when using delivery solutions that operate independently from their routing and communications platforms,” said Satish Natarajan, DispatchTrack co-founder and CEO. “Track & Trace seamlessly integrates into our AI-powered last mile logistics platform, giving delivery and service businesses sophisticated tools that are easy to use so operations can be managed effortlessly and confidently, while end customers receive the highest level of customer service.”

Alex Buckley, DispatchTrack General Manager in EMEA and APAC added, “Our new Track & Trace feature will truly transform the last mile for both customers and suppliers through unprecedented levels of visibility and transparency from despatch to destination.”