Moreton Cullimore, national board member at the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and Chair of its Gloucestershire & Bristol branch, encourages greater recognition of the haulage industry as part of the RHA National Lorry Week campaign.

The RHA has released details of its National Lorry Week campaign, aiming to promote the work of the haulage industry and its drivers, whilst also encouraging people to consider a career in the industry. The national campaign runs from 16 to 22 November.

According to RHA figures, the haulage and logistics sector employs more than 2.5million people across the UK. A staggering 89% of all goods transported by land in Great Britain are also moved directly by road at some stage in the supply chain.

However, Mr Cullimore, third generation family MD of the 90-year-old logistics firm, believes that despite the integral role road haulage plays in maintaining the supply of goods, drivers are still yet to be fully recognised and supported.

For instance, many drivers have reported being denied access to proper rest facilities during Covid-19 and a petition calling for adequate safe and secure driver facilities to be a mandatory part of the planning process for major infrastructure projects has gained around 12 000 signatures.

The Petitions Committee has also requested a revised response from the Government, as it felt the initial response at 10 000 signatures “did not directly address the request of petition.”

Mr Cullimore said, “Haulage is essential in maintaining our way of life, not least in these incredibly challenging and unprecedented times. Every product from your morning tea or coffee through to electrical appliances will have been transported by road at one point or another. Yet our drivers are constantly being let down by a lack of secure parking and being denied access to the most basic roadside facilities.

“I welcome the Petitions Committee calling for a revised response from the Government and completely back the RHA’s National Lorry Week campaign – without new drivers, and adequate support and protection for those drivers – the UK faces a major shortage and further disruption to the supply of important essentials.”

At the height of the nationwide lockdown in March, Cullimore Group trucks remained on the roads delivering supplies such as bread to stores across Gloucestershire.

The RHA National Lorry Week campaign begins with an online recruitment event on 11 November, followed by a panel discussion on the future of logistics on 12 November and the RHA’s Love the Lorry outreach event being held in Chard, Somerset, on 14 November.

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