Commenting on today’s announcement by the DfT of a £7.0 million tech fund to decarbonise freight and boost innovation, Stephen Parker, recently appointed Director General of the British International Freight Association says:

“One consequence of Brexit and the pandemic has been the spotlight that it has placed on the importance of freight and logistics on the health of the nation’s economy. So, we welcome the Road Minister’s and the Government’s further recognition of the vital role that the freight industry plays in underpinning the economy and keeping Britain’s trade moving.

“BIFA members face requests from their clients to demonstrate how they are incorporating environmentally-focused policies into their business activities.

“So, any initiative that may help make the movement of freight more efficient, resilient and greener, is also welcomed by BIFA’s members that manage the physical supply chains of so many companies trading to and from the UK; as well as the domestic market.

“BIFA hopes that £7.0 million shared by up to 36 small and medium-sized enterprises will be enough to help them work with industry-leading companies to develop new technology and working practices that enable efficiencies to be developed, which help to reduce emissions across the sector.”

The full text of the DfT announcement can be seen here: